The structure of the IO is illustrated in the above organogramme. The IO Director is the administrative head of the Institute, supported by the Secretariat & Administrative Unit, and advised by the Scientific Council. The Institute comprises five Scientific Departments: Ocean Physics, Biological Oceanography, Marine Chemistry, Marine Geology & Geophysics and Marine Observatories and Operational Oceanography.

A new cross-departmental Unit, named Marine Oceanographic Data and Information Systems, has derived from joining the Hellenic National Oceanographic Data Center-HNODC and the Geographical Information Systems Unit. The new unit interacts with all Departments and Research Infrastructures.

The IO comprises also large Research Infrastructures: Marine Analytical Laboratories, Poseidon observing and forecasting system, HIMIOFoTS, and Mesocosms.

Dr Aristomenis P. Karageorgis

Scientific Council 2022 – 2024

Dr Christos Tsabaris

Dr Vasileios Kapsimalis
Dr Dimitrios Sakellariou
Dr Antonia Giannakourou
Dr Konstantinos Parinos
Dr Dimitrios Velaoras
Dr Eugenia Apostolaki
Mrs Panagiota Zachioti

Scientific Council 2020 – 2022

Chair: Dr Vasileios Kapsimalis. Members: Dr Soyltana Zervoudaki, Dr Alexandra Pavlidou, Dr Eleni Kaberi, Dr Antonia Giannakourou, Dr Theodoros Kanellopoulos, Dr Christina Zeri, Mrs Panagiota Zachioti

Scientific Council 2018- 2020

Chair: Dr Chistos Tsabaris. Members: Dr Panagiotis Panagiotidis, Dr Stella Psarra, Dr Christina Zeri, Dr Eleni Kaberi, Dr Soultana Zervoudaki, Dr Manolis Tsapakis, Dr Paraskevi Drakopoulou

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