The Institute of Oceanography (IO) was established in 1985, evolving from the former Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries Research (IOFR, 1975-1985).

Today it is considered as one of the main providers of oceanographic research in the Eastern Mediterranean, and it is the most comprehensive research institute for the marine environment in Greece, acting in several cases as the official consultant to the Greek government on marine and maritime issues.

In the last 30 years, it has played a leading role in the progress of oceanographic research of the Eastern Mediterranean, with high geomorphological and biochemical complexity, even in the deepest part of the Mediterranean Sea (depth>5000 m), by designing and implementing numerous oceanographic research projects, providing fixed observational/monitoring networks and establishing enhanced modelling and forecasting services, the institute has been at the forefront of research and collaboration at both a European, and national scale.

In its research agenda, the IO was also present in the Western Mediterranean, being significantly involved in the Black Sea research, and since 2010 it expanded its research activities by conducting several cruises in the Red Sea, while it has occasionally participated as a research partner in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

At an international level, it is recognized as one of Europe’s major marine research institutes in the region of the Eastern Mediterranean, an important tool to promote, expand, and enhance the European Research Area. It has undertaken a variety of EU projects with great success, both as a coordinator and/or major partner, thus building its reputation as a competent and reliable institution.

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