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Position: Senior Researcher
Expertise: Biologist Oceanographer
Department: Biological Oceanography
Premises: athens
Dr. Soultana Zervoudaki. Biologist-Oceanographer, Senior Researcher. BSc
in Biology (Univ. Athens), MSc in Oceanography and PhD in Marine Ecology (Univ. Athens). 

She has published forty (40) peer-review scientific articles (in scopus h-index 17, citations 707).

Her research interests
involve: Mesozooplankton ecology and taxonomy in marine environments,
trophic role of zooplankton in marine food webs, zooplankton ecophysiology
(feeding, growth, metabolism and fecal pellet production), impact of toxic phytoplankton, acidification and atmospheric inputs on vital rates of copepods, isotopes and biochemical indices (ETS, AaRs) on zooplankton,
metal accumulation on zooplankton, field, laboratory work and mesocosms

She has participated in thirty (32) research projects in six
(6) of them, she was the coordinator of the entire multidisciplinary team
that included scientists from the other disciplines (biology and

Finally, she developed methods on the study of the copepod feeding and new tools (image analysis system) to measure zooplankton as
well as to study the copepod response on acidification (enclosure systems
with CO2 and pH sensors). She has supervised students for internships and dissertation and she give lectures on mesozooplankton production and grazing at the University of Athens in the frame of the MSc in Oceanography. 

She is a scientific evaluator of numerous peer review journals.

Telephone: (0030) 2291076374
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