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The mission of the IO is to explore, describe, and understand the functioning of marine systems, as well as to perform long-term monitoring, and forecasting of various processes through interdisciplinary research. This also includes the physical boundaries between the hydrosphere and the atmosphere, the coastal zone and the deep basins, the seabed and below. The main purposes of the IO can be summarized as follows

  1. Design and implementation of marine research
  2. Operational monitoring and forecasting of the marine environment (Aegean – Ionian Seas, Mediterranean basin)
  3. Support of policy and decision makers at national, regional and EU level regarding marine policies and regulations, especially considering societal and economic issues
  4. Wide dissemination of high-level marine and maritime services and products
  5. Development and exploitation of technological products
  6. Training and education

> Quinquennial Evaluation 2013 – 2017 of the Institute of Oceanography HCMR

> SELF-STUDY REPORT of the Institute of Oceanography 2018 – 2021

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