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Position: Technical Scientist Under Contract
Expertise: Chemist
Premises: crete
Dr. Kalantzi is a Chemist (Chemistry Department, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) with an MSc in Environmental Sciences (Department of Environmental Engineering, Technical University of Crete) and a PhD in Biology (Biology Department, University of Crete). She has been involved in several national and EU funded RTD projects (WFD, AQUACOSM, TAPAS, POSEIDOMM, AQUA-NANO, HYPOXIA, ADAMANT, PREVENT ESCAPE, AQUAGRIS, CARRYING CAPACITY, ECASA, IBIS), focusing on contaminants, such as metals, elements, POPs, and nanoparticles, in the marine environment and in marine organisms (fish, benthos, plankton) and on aquaculture ecosystem interactions. She was the Principal Investigator of the JERICO-NEXT Transnational Access to Coastal Observatories (EU) project: ‘Monitoring of Organic Contaminants in the water of the Southern Europe with Passive Sampling’. Results of her work have been published in 20 international peer reviewed journals (1 more scientific article is currently under review), as well as in more than 20 conference presentations and posters, with 375 citations and an h-index 9 (Scopus, 9/12/2019). Her research interests include (1) marine chemistry of water column and sediment, (2) effects and bioaccumulation of contaminants to aquatic organisms, (3) bioavailability of contaminants, (4) speciation analysis of metals, (5) trophic transfer of contaminants through the food web, and (6) estimation of risks and benefits for humans through the consumption of fish. 

To this end, she has focused on the development of quantitative analytical methods for total metal determination and speciation of metals in environmental samples by the use of ICP-MS. Moreover, she has participated in activities for the determination of other impacts on marine ecosystem, for the implementation of Water Framework Directive and for the estimation of the impact of important pressures (e.g. nanoparticles) on the marine environment.

She has also participated in numerous oceanographic research campaigns in national and international marine research projects. 
Telephone: (0030) 2810337713