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Position: Research Director
Expertise: Biologist Oceanographer
Department: Biological Oceanography
Premises: athens
NomikiSimbourais currently a Research Director at the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (HCMR), Institute of Oceanography.

Born in Athens in 1963, she received her BSc in Biology from the University of Athens in 1984, her MSc in Marine Biology-Oceanography from the University of Athens in 1988and her PhD in Marine Biology from the University of Athens in 1996. 

Employed as a permanent personnel at the HCMR (former NCMR) since 1991, she has been serving as a researcher since 2006at the Institute of Oceanography/HCMR. She served from over 10 years as head of zoobenthosLaboratory, having over 27 years’ experience in the systematics and biodiversity of benthic macrofauna. 

She has collaborated in more than 120 national and international projects undertaking the task of benthos analysis, coordinating actions or as project coordinator in 38 of them.
Her research interests include taxonomy of benthic Polychaetes; benthic ecology of marine and coastal ecosystems; assessment of pollution; biodiversity; development and testing of biological indicators (inter-calibration) for the WFD includinganew biotic index (BENTIX); ecological status in coastal waters (WFD) and environmental status assessment of coastal and marine water bodies (MSFD).

Her taxonomic expertise is on the group of benthic Polychaetes,which is the largest benthic group numbering over 800species only in the Hellenic seas. She has discovered 3 new species to science, reporting also several new records of Polychaete species in Greek waters, and in the Mediterranean.She has also studied the zoogeography, distribution, ecological traits, and alien status of this group in Greece.

Other research objectives include assessment of pollution on benthos. She coordinated the monitoring project on the effects of metallurgical waste discharge in the marine environment (N. Evvoikos gulf), for over 15 years. She has also a long experience into the effects of various sources of pollutionhaving coordinated the benthos work in numerous projects and types of pollution: organic (Saronikos Gulf, Elefsis bay, Thermaikos Gulf), industrial (LARCO, ALUMINA, DEH, AGET, S&B) eutrophication (Maliakos), aquaculture (Thermaikos), fisheries (TRIBE), dredging (Kifissos), thermal pollution (Adikyra Bay), desalination (Aliveri Bay, Pagassitikos Gulf), oil spill (EUROBULKER, SEA-DIAMOND, AGHIA ZONI II) etc.

Nomiki Simboura having this expertise on benthic biodiversity and pollution assessment, developed anew biotic index, the BENTIX index to assess the ecological status of coastal waters for the purpose of the EU Water Framework Directive 2000/60 (WFD). This index has successfully undergone the Inter-calibration process at European level and has been finalized as a suitable classification metric approved by ECOSTAT and adopted by Greece and Cyprus.

She has been actively involved in the implementation of EU Water Framework Directive 2000/60 (WFD) in coastal waters being a nominated expert in European working groups and coordinating the Greek delegation for the Inter-calibration activities of WFD in coastal waters. She has assumed responsibility into the WFD implementation and monitoring network design for the classification of the ecological status of the coastal waters of Greece.

She has been also involved in the Common Implementation Strategy (CIS) of the EU Directive 2008/56/ΕΕ (MSFD) on the establishment of objectives and criteria and thresholds for GES and especially for the Descriptors D1, D6 in relation to benthic habitats and for the assessment of the environmental status of marine waters in Greece and the Mediterranean. Within the framework of the CIS of the MSFD Directive she participated actively in EU supportive projects as the PERSEUS FP7, DEVOTES, COSCAR, IRIS, ACTION MED, MEDCIS, EUSeaMap2. 
Her educational work includes supervision of over 20 undergraduate (12), post graduate and doctoral students (6), one post-doctoral internship in HCMR providing external consultation in 4 doctorate students from Indian, Iranian, Spanish, Albanian Universities. Has been invited to give 27 lectures and seminars in postgraduate University courses or other Conferences, and in 7 summer school cycles.

She is the author of 64 peer-reviewed papers, 23 of them as a first author(54 in Scopus, 43 in ISI journals), 2 monographs, 6 book chapters, over 100 communications in national and international Symposia with proceedings and over 130 Technical Reports.She has drafted or participated in also 11 Guidance documents or Reports for EU or UNEP/MAP.

Her work has been cited in 1492 articles. Highlights of her published work is: the checklist accounting for all species of Polychaetes from Greece (753 species) in 2001 and its annotated re-edition in 2017 with information on 836 species level taxa from Greece; also the original BENTIX index article in 2002; and the chapter on Greece in the second Edition of the World Seas:an environmental evaluation (Elsevier).
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