R/V AEGAEO was built in 1985 at the Chalkis shipyard and started her scientific operations in the Eastern Mediterranean. In 1987 the scientific expeditions extended to the western Mediterranean Sea. From June 1996 to Feb 1997 the R/V AEGAEO was converted and enlarged by 10,5 m. The 62 m R/V AEGAEO was refitted in 1997 and now comprises a completely modernised floating laboratory, equipped with all the latest technology necessary for HCMR’s valuable research work which ranges from the geophysical exploration of the sea floor to environmental monitoring.



The F/R PHILIA, built at Piraeus (1985), commissioned in 1986, operates from her home port of Irakleion, not only in Cretan waters, but also throughout the Aegean and Ionian. The PHILIA’s greatest asset is her flexibility, she is large enough to operate offshore but because of her shallow draft she can also operate close inshore. She has covered many thousands of miles carrying out research and in 1997 was refitted with a bulbous bow and a second engine as part of the Greek Government’s commitment to marine science research.



The manned submersible THETIS was constructed, in 1999 in France by the company COMEX S.A, to very high technical specifications and has great potential for a wide range of scientific activities. It has a wide optical field, with distinct advantages over previous submersibles using older technologies. It is fitted with light projectors of advanced technology specially equipped for photography and cinematography. In addition it has a special intercom system for communication with the research vessel AEGAEO of which it forms an integral part.



The MAX ROVER was received  in Greece in 1999 and has been used in all of the Aegean Sea. During its initial trials it was taken to a depth of 1854m between the islands of Crete and Thira. This is a remote operated underwater vehicle with the ability to dive to about 2000m. The system includes the submersible, a cable winch and a control console. It is controlled by 3 personnel (operator and technicians) and is controlled from the HCMR?s research vessels R/V AEGAEO and PHILIA.



This is a remote operated underwater vehicle with the ability to dive to 1000m. It was constructed by the French company COMEX S.A. Its system includes the submersible, cable winch and control console. It is operated from the HCMR’ s research vessels, AEGAEO and PHILIA. The ROV SUPER ACHILLE was delivered to Greece in 1999 and has been used in many missions in all the Greek seas. It has the ability to remain underwater for an unlimited time.


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