© HCMR / Yiannis Issaris
© HCMR / Yiannis Issaris

The Hellenic Integrated Marine Inland water Observing, Forecasting and offshore Technology System (HIMIOFoTS) includes integrated approaches in Marine observation and forecasting systems, coastal monitoring and an innovative Hydro-Environmental Monitoring and information Network. The infrastructure incorporates the following interrelated components: (a) The Hellenic Integrated Marine Observing and Forecasting System (HIMOFS), a cluster of already-existing and under-implementation marine observing systems coupled with a full range of forecasting operational models. (b) The Open Hydrosystem Information Network, an integrated information infrastructure for the collection, management and free dissemination of hydrological and environmental information related to the inland waters of the country. HIMIOFoTS RI belongs to the Greek national Research Infrastructure Roadmap and aims to create an integrated infrastructure for the management of the Greek national water resources by building synergies and collaborations between the relevant Greek institutes and laboratories.

HIMIOFOTS RI is coordinated by the Institute of Oceanography

More info: http://www.himiofots.gr

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