Marine Data & Information Systems
Morpho-bathymetry of the area southwest Crete island

The HNODC (Hellenic National Oceanographic Data Centre) is the scientific coordinator in EMODnet Data Ingestion project ( and has developed an on-line ingestion system that is capable of collecting multidisciplinary data types, in various formats, through an ISO19115-INSPIRE compliant model. The system, using specific algorithms, is capable of routing the data to the HNODC (and other data centres were appropriate) using established pathways. This platform is used to improve the data collection flow between the research groups and the data centre(s). The same platform will be used within the MSFD data collection and archiving system.

The institute’s data-base has been expanded with bathymetric and biological data. More specifically: The bathymetric data of the Institute of Oceanography have been fully documented using the SeaDataNet Common Data Index-CDI metadata format standard ( and the Sextant metadata catalogue service. The bathymetric data are held in the institute’s geodatabase (GIS system). In addition the bathymetric data and their derived products DTMS (Digital Terrain Model) can be discovered and accessed through the SeaDataNet Data Discovery and Access service ( and EMODnet Bathymetry viewing and download service (

Biological data such as benthic habitat maps collections and ground truth datasets have been described using the ICES standard ( and the OBIS data structure ( The data are held in the Institute’s geodatabase (GIS system) and are accessible through the EMODnet Seabed Habitats data portal (

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