PELAGOS aims to establish a transnational Mediterranean Cluster in Blue Energy (BE) connecting Regions and key actors of the BE value chain such as technology and service providers, large enterprises, power distributors, financial operators, policy makers, NGOs and citizens.

The aim of the project is to advance the development of BE sector in Mediterranean, coastal, insular and marine regions by promoting targeted products and offering a mix of supporting activities to the stakeholders. The cluster is composed of seven national clusters (HUBs), where each HUB consists by national key actors dedicated to R&D, innovation and policy including mainly SMEs. The Institute of Oceanography of HCMR is the coordinator of the Greek Hub for Blue Energy (GH4BE).

PELAGOS is geographically distributed in the following countries: Greece, Cyprus, Croatia, Italy, France, Spain and Portugal.

HCMR contact person: Dr Takvor Soukissian

Project website: