Euro-Argo RISE

Euro-Argo RISE

The overarching objective of Euro-Argo RISE (Euro-Argo Research Infrastructure Sustainability and Enhancement) is to enhance and extend the capabilities of the Argo network, to provide essential ocean observations, to answer new societal and scientific challenges, and support 1) ocean and climate change research, 2) climate change monitoring (characterizing climate change impact on the ocean physics and chemistry, 3) seasonal and climate change forecasting by improving the 4D description of the ocean state, 4) ocean analysis and forecasting and associated ocean services including Copernicus Services.

In addition, the project’s main target is to reinforce the development of the European Research Infrastructure Euro-Argo ERIC, which is a part of the ESFRI roadmap, supporting its economic and operational viability and gaining the trust and awareness of users.

Under the framework of Euro-Argo RISE HCMR is leading Task 6.1 which objective is the promotion and expansion of Argo in the Mediterranean and Black Seas, and Task 8.1 which objective is to develop links with other ERICs and research communities and to define strategy in collaboration with other networks for shelf-open ocean boundaries. Furthermore HCMR contributes in WP7 activities on the promotion and improvement of the data access and usage of Argo, on the investigation of the potential links with the national MSFD implementation, and the enhancement of the Argo educational activities.

HCMR contact person: Dimitris Kassis
HCMR’s budget: 133.625 Euros (EU, H2020)
Duration: 2019-2022

Project website: