Danubius RI-Danubius PP

Danubius RI-Danubius PP

The International Centre for Advanced Studies on River-Sea Systems (DANUBIUS-RI) is planed as a distributed pan-European research infrastructure to support interdisciplinary research on river-sea (RS) systems. It spans the environmental, social and economic sciences and brings together research on different environmental sectors. It will provide access to a range of RS systems, facilities and expertise, access to harmonized data and a platform for interdisciplinary research, education and training.

DANUBIUS-RI will have a Hub and Data Centre in Romania, Nodes that will cover Observation, Analysis, Modelling and Impact in the UK, Germany, Italy and Netherlands, a Technology Transfer Office in Ireland, and Supersites across Europe. Supersites are instrumented study sites that provide the focus for observation, analysis, research and modeling at locations of high scientific importance and opportunity across RS systems, from source to coastal sea. There is an initial suite of eight Supersites which includes the Danube Delta (Romania), Széchenyi (Hungary), Lake Lunz (Austria), Elbe Estuary (Germany), Ebro-Llobregat Deltaic System ( Spain), Nestos (Greece), Po Delta and North Adriatic Lagoons (Italy) and Thames Estuary (UK).

DANUBIUS-RI was accepted on the 2016 ESFRI (European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures) Roadmap and received initial funding by the European Commission Horizon 2020 program for a three-years Preparatory Phase project (Danubius PP, 2016-2019), in order to raise DANUBIUS-RI to the legal, financial and technical maturity required for successful implementation, development and long-term operation.

HCMR is the lead institution representing Greece in DANUBIUS-RI and in cooperation with Democritus University of Thrace and the Fisheries Research Institute (Nea Peramos), is responsible for the planning of the Nestos Supersite in Northern Greece.

HCMR contact person: Dr. Panagiotis Michalopoulos
Geographic Coverage:
Duration: 1/12/2016-30/11/2019
Project website: https://danubius-pp.eu , http://www.danubius-ri.eu/