HCMR Education Unit


Educational activities by the EdU started in 1995 with the development of conferences and events for the public and youth. In 2000, these were intensified and since 2001 the EdU operates with educational programs for schools (primary and secondary education), workshops for students and teachers, summer lectures, seminars etc. These programs are attended each year by approximately 2000 students.

 The EdU was created and is supported by volunteer employees of HCMR, who, along with their research and administrative activities, wish to transmit their knowledge and love for the aquatic environment to the educational community

The Education Unit of HCMR welcomes school visits, informing and educating students who visit the HCMR facilities in Athens and Crete about the richness of the aquatic environment, its problems, but also its prospects. During the visits, students via interactive and experiential activities can expand their knowledge on the environment, understand the mechanisms and functions of the aquatic ecosystems, and comprehend the stresses the ecosystems suffer due to human interventions.

Finally, the Education Unit promotes environmental awareness providing information and training on science, biology, chemistry and geology marine and inland waters issues related to climate change, natural hazards, pollution, cultural heritage and marine resources.

The Education Unit is currently running updated thematic areas targeting students and teachers in primary and secondary education. Moreover, the EdU disseminates HCMR activities to the general public by participating in various projects.

Objectives are recommended in:

  • shaping environmental consciousness
  • Preparation – Inspiration of tomorrow’s scientists, in marine environmental research and environmental sciences
  • Environmental Literacy


Thematic units, aimed at students of Primary and Secondary Education

1. Refer to one of the following topics:

Marine biodiversity

Biodiversity of river ecosystems

Principles of Ichthyology and Fishing Practices

Marine Pollution (plastic in the oceans)

Underwater Archeology – underwater volcanoes

Underwater Seismology

Meteorological and forecasting systems for monitoring the seas

2. Raise awareness on sustainable development issues.

Contact Person : Roula Andriopoulou

e-mail: education@hcmr.gr

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