Copernicus CMEMS MED MFC Phase II

Copernicus CMEMS MED MFC Phase II

The CMEMS MED MFC Phase-II aims to provide within the Marine component of the Copernicus Programme (CMEMS), regular and systematic information about the physical state (circulation, hydrology, wind waves) and marine ecosystems for the Mediterranean Sea, starting from the operational system developed during the CMEMS MED MFC Phase-I project.

The CMEMS MED MFC Phase-II products include analyses, 10-day forecasts, specific and targeted products and multiyear reanalysis. The CMEMS Med-MFC products describe wind waves (HCMR), currents, temperature, salinity, sea level (CMCC) and pelagic biogeochemistry (OGS). Wind waves analyses and forecasts for the Mediterranean Sea are produced on a daily basis by the Med-waves state of the art system which consists of WAM Cycle 4.6.2 model forced with ECMWF analysis and forecast 10m winds, a data assimilation module to combine
The Med-MFC methodology is composed of three main groups of activities:

1) continuous development of the three production systems (Med-currents, Med-waves and Med-bio) through R&D distributed in three phases

2) processing of information by the numerical models and the data assimilation systems and quality control of the information produced; dissemination and archiving,

3) Annual production of the Ocean State Report, Ocean Monitoring Indices for the Mediterranean Sea, communication and users training.

HCMR contact person: Dr. Gerasimos Korres
Geographic Coverage: Mediterranean, Europe, Global
Duration:Phase I 2015 – 2018, Phase II 2018 - 2021
Project website: