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Position: PhD Candidate
Expertise: Biologist
Premises: athens
Nikoletta Digka is a biologist and PhD candidate student in Marine Sciences, at the University of the Aegean. She obtained her Bachelor in Biology at the University of Crete, in 2011 and completed her Master studies in Aquacultures, at the University of Barcelona, in 2012. 

Since 2014 she has been working as a resarch associate at the Ecotoxicology Lab, Institute of Oceanography, in HCMR. During this period she has been involved in a series of national and European research projects (e.g. MSFD, PERSEUS, DEFISHGEAR, MEDSEALITTER, INDICIT, PLASTIC BUSTERS MPAs).

Her research interests and goals of her doctoral thesis are about marine plastic pollution and its impact on marine organisms, including various fish species, mussels and sea turtles. Currently she is involved in an Intereg Med funded project, the Plastic Busters MPAs, which is focused on the assessment of marine litter impact on biota of the Mediterannean coastal and marine protected areas.  

She has participated in various field samplings, scientific cruises and laboratory experiments and she has contributed to 10 publications related to marine biology. She has been an active member of the Educational Unit of the HCMR since 2015, participating in various programs of disseminating scientific knowledge.
Telephone: (0030) 2291076387
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