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Position: Technical Scientist Under Contract
Expertise: Chemist
Department: Marine Chemistry
Premises: athens
Dr Louisa Giannoudi is a chemical oceanographer with specialization on biotechnology and had been
working in the area of biosensors involving analytical techniques, having an interest also in both organic
and inorganic marine chemistry as well as managing projects mainly funded by the EU. 

She is currently a
research fellow at the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (HCMR) in the area of acidification/carbonate
system chemistry, working mainly with the analysis of discrete samples for both alkalinity and dissolved
inorganic carbon dioxide (projects KAUST Coastal Monitoring, CLIMPACT, GLAYKI, MedSeA, Copernicus
MED in-situ TAC). She holds an Undergraduate degree BSc (1997-2000) in Oceanography with chemistry
from Liverpool University, a Master's degree (2001) in oceanography from Southampton Oceanography
Center and a PhD (2005) from University of Cranfield in the area of biosensor technology. In the past
and through her PhD studies she was involved in the novel development of a photosystem-II
electrochemical based sensor for the detection of pollutants and on the potential application of the
sensor to monitoring real water samples (EU-FP5 project-Acronym: BEEP). In 2011, she was for the first
time participated on ocean acidification experiments in the European project (MedSeA), working on the
detection of dissolved CO 2 and alkalinity in discrete samples as well as in Mesocosm experiments. During
that period, she has gained experience on the carbonate chemistry dynamics by sampling and analyzing
carbonate chemistry parameters associated to the air-sea exchange system. In 2012, at Kiel, Germany
she was trained in the use of the analytical instrument VINDTA 3C and recently she gained the
experience on pH benchmark measurements using a spectrophotometer. Finally, she has worked as the
assistant project manager in five European projects, “IRIS-SES”, “PERSEUS”, “ActionMed”, “MEDCIS”,
“MEDREGION” under the commission’s DG Environment and DG Research and Innovation, allowing her
to work well under pressure.

Having worked to several EU and National projects she has the experience
of laboratory and administrative work as well as efficiently managing all projects’ tasks.
Telephone: (0030) 2291076438