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Position: Technical Scientist Under Contract
Expertise: Chemist
Premises: athens
Dr Louisa Giannoudi is a chemical oceanographer with specialization on biotechnology and has been working in the area of biosensors involving analytical techniques, having an interest also in organic and inorganic chemistry. 

She obtained her PhD in 2005 from University of Cranfield in the area of biosensor technology involving the novel development of a photosystem-II electrochemical based sensor for the detection of pollutants and on the potential application of the sensor to monitoring real water samples (EU-FP5 project-Acronym: BEEP). As part of this project, she represented her department in all EU meetings with the international team of collaborators making decisions on proposed methods and strategies to achieve the common goals outlined in the proposal.  Dr Giannoudi was also involved on ocean acidification project, working on the detection of dissolved CO2 and alkalinity measurements in seawater samples. In 2012, she was involved on an ocean acidification project (MEDSEA), working on the above mentioned carbonate system parameters in seawater samples. During that period she has gained experience on the carbonate chemistry dynamics with sampling and analysis of the carbonate parameters associated to the air-sea exchange seawater system. She was trained in the VINDTA 3C instrument in 2012 in Kiel, Germany that measures simultaneously alkalinity and inorganic CO2 in water samples and has used the instrument in experiments involving mainly Mesocosms. 

In general, she has 12 years of experience in national and European projects mainly working on laboratory research. Through the EU project PERSEUS it was her first experience as an assistant project manager followed by the same position in the EU projects IRIS-SES, ActionMed and MEDCIS. Through her experience as an assistant project manager she has developed both her administrative and her organizational tasks by assisting in the organization of meetings, workshops and conferences and by having duties that include the reading and editing of reports/deliverables; write up of meeting minutes, and taking care of the projects progress together with the project’s management team. 

Additionally, she has a significant experience in activities concerning schools and/or higher education. She has participated in Researchers Night 2007, 2017, 2018 and tis years (2019) with live demonstrations of research chemistry activities in the port of Lavrio, Demokritos research centre and Hellenic Cosmos Cultural centre in Greece. She has also experience from PERSEUS project and more specifically in PERSEUS@School network where she has assisted with the preparations regarding the excursion Andromeda II and she has participated in the activities of Andromeda I, both involving pupils from secondary level of education. Recently she has also participated in the program “Energy for Life Travels”. 

Her interest in the area of education lies in the potentials that open up through close collaboration with pupils and young citizens and by seeing their views regarding the marine environment.
Telephone: (0030) 2291076438