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Position: research technician
Expertise: Research Technician
Department: Ocean Physics
Premises: athens
Annika Pollani is a research technician at the Institute of Oceanography of HCMR, with studies in Computer Science (UWM, USA) and Environmental Decision-making (OU, UK).

She joined IMBC (now HCMR) mid 1996 and since today she has an active participation in several European and National Programmes (FIGIS, THETIS, MFSPP, MFSTEP, COST-IMPACT, AEGEAN, POSEIDON-II, INSEA, SESAME, AQUA-PLANNER, SARDONE, MEECE, REPROdUCE, OPEC, SEAMAN, CLAIM) and in environmental studies (Building new runway at Heraklion airport “N. Kazantzakis”, Pre-approval study of settling Ierapetra’s urban sewage pipeline using mathematical models for the transport and diffusion of pollutants, Prediction and Prevention of Oil Contamination in Navarino Bay and Gialova lagoon, etc.).

She specializes in the development and application of numerical models and graphics to the marine environment (transport and dispersion of pollutants, oil spills movement, circulation and ecological models, transport and dispersal of fish eggs and larvae, etc.).

She is currently member of the Horizon 2020 CLAIM project team dealing with the construction of automated filtering system for preventing the entrance of microplastics into the sea.

Her published work includes 13 publications in refereed journals, 9 in book series, more than 25 publications in conference proceedings, 4 posters and 2 software leaflets (manual / user guide).
Telephone: (0030) 2291076327
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