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Position: Technician
Expertise: Biologist
Department: Biological Oceanography
Premises: crete
Santi Diliberto is a research assistant involved in the implementation of the several research and monitoring projects related to the study of the marine coastal the H.C.M.R. 
He assumed the duties in September 2001.

His main duties are the carrying out of research and monitoring samplings for the collections of biological and chemio-phisical samples by marine vessels, fishing boats and diving, the analysis of the samples in laboratory (sorting, biomassing, identification of marine benthic organisms at family or specie levels, biomorphological and sediment analysis, filtration of water samples for chemical parameters analysis. 
He has also some experience in data input in data bases and biostatistical (univariate, multivariate, correlations) analysis of the data, BQI-family and species analysis, Bentix analysis and preparation of ecological reports.
Additionally he collaborated several times with the CretAquarium and the Environmental Education Unit of the H.C.M.R. of Athens and he is actually a member of the Education Unit of the HCMR-Crete for the organisation and the implementation of  programmes of environmental education for the school students and the visitors, including the collection of marine organisms and the preparation of small aquaria.
Also he has been involved in the supervision of undergraduate students training in “Marine ecology”.

Santi Diliberto, after having obtained his bachelor degree in “Biological Science” at the University of Palermo, Italy,  in June 1992 achieved a Postgraduate Diploma in “Marine and Fisheries Sciences” at the University of Aberdeen, U.K.

Between 1992 and 1993 Santi Diliberto carried out a postgraduate training and work experience in “Marine environmental assessment” at .S.E.A.S. (Scottish Environmental Advisory Services), Oban, Scotland, U.K., completed with the preparation of the scientific report: Study of the production of two polychaetes Cyrratulid species (Caulleriella zetlandica and Chaetozone setosa) in a  moderately enriched area sited in vicinity of a sludge dumping ground (Irish Sea).

Between 1994 and 1997 Santi Diliberto worked temporally for the IMBC, that is the former H.C.M.R,.in Heraklion, Greece, with the same duties in which still today is involved.

Later, having left the IMBC for some years, Santi Diliberto worked during the 1998 for the ICRAM (National Institute of Researches Applied to the Sea), in Palermo, Italy, participating as research assistant in research programmes on “Trophic chains investigations”, including the analysis of the gut contents of the sand dwelling fish “Xyrichthys novacula” (Labridae).

During those years (1998-2001) Santi Diliberto also was involved in the organisation of events and activities of environmental education and environmental training programmes for young people and students (Youthstart, Youth for Europe, Campus Heritage) in Italy and abroad funded by the European Commission and local environmental organisations.
Telephone: (0030) 2810337844