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Position: Functional Scientific personnel
Expertise: Physicist Oceanographer
Department: Ocean Physics
Premises: patras
Dr. Vassilis Papadopoulos is a Special Functional Scientist in Hellenic Center for Marine Research, Institute of Oceanography. He is physical oceanographer. 

He is also responsible for the Local HCMR Office of Western Greece. His research interests are mainly focused on air-sea heat exchange; climate impacts on water mass formation; effects of atmospheric forcing on dense water formation; climate variability; overturning circulation of Mediterranean and Red Seas; sea water physical characteristics; sea water circulation; coastal physical oceanography.

Dr. Vassilis Papadopoulos has participated/coordinated more than 20 research programs related to environmental studies, physical characteristics of the sea water, water renewal and circulation in coastal areas and lagoons, water mass formation, sea current analysis, and physical oceanographic data quality control. He has published more than 30 scientific papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals and books (Scopus H-index 12). 
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