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Position: Senior Researcher
Expertise: Marine Chemist
Department: Marine Chemistry
Premises: athens
Christina Zeri, Chemist Oceanographer, Senior Researcher. 

She has received a BSc in Chemistry (1985) and a PhD in Chemical Oceanography (1993) from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA). 

Her main research interests include: dissolved trace metals biogeochemistry; dissolved organic matter (DOM) cycling and its optical properties; interactions between trace metals and organic matter. Lately she has been active in studies related to microplastics pollution and in the development of relevant methodologies. 

She leads a research team of 3 young scientists. She has participated in 54 European and National research projects related to biogeochemical cycles in the Mediterranean and to marine litter. 

She has coordinated 4 national projects. She is active in research related to the implementation of MSFD and WFD Directives and she coordinates the national monitoring activities for D10 (Marine Litter). During the period 2008- 2011, she has been appointed as a part time lecturer at the Dept of Chemistry- NKUA, and gave lectures to undergraduate and MSc students on Chemical Oceanography and Environmental Pollution. 

She has supervised 4 PhD’s and several MSc theses, dissertations, internships. Author of 46 scientific papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals – books –special editions, and more than 100 conference proceedings. 

She is a certified – outstanding reviewer for the Elsevier research journals.
Telephone: (0030) 2291076371