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Position: Research Director
Expertise: Marine Geologist
Department: Marine Geology & Geophysics
Premises: rhodes
Dr. Andreas Sioulas, Rhodes, Greece, was born April 13, 1954. 

He completed his studies in marine sedimentology and geochemistry at the University of Heidelberg., Germany. In 1982  in the same University he have finished his PhD. 

Since 1984 he works for National Center For Marine Research (N.C.M.R.) and in 1989 was moved at the Hydrobiological Station of Rhodes (H.S.R.) as Director. In September 2000  he was promote at  the 1st  level of researchers. 

The main fields of  research in which he is involved and has published articles include marine sedimentology, geochemistry and oceanographic research 

He is involved in the management of researching programmes and  in educational programs corcerning the sentitization of the public and especially of pupils and students on the conversation of the marine environment. He also contributed notably in the organization and in the plan of acivities concerning the remodeling of the H.S.R.
Telephone: (0030) 2241078320