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Position: Technician Under Contract
Expertise: Technician - Food Thechnologist
Department: Marine Chemistry
Premises: athens
Elvira Plakidi is a lab technician at the organic chemistry laboratory of the marine chemistry department of the Institute of Oceanography. 

Her main laboratory activities are the determination of organic pollutants/biomarkers (aliphatic hydrocarbons, PAHs, PCBs, sterols/stanols) in environmental samples (seawater, particulate matter, sediments, organisms) with various analytical instruments (GC-MS, GC-ECD-FID) and the development of analytical techniques to determine trace organic compounds in the marine environment. Over the past 14 years she has also participated in a large number of field sampling campaigns in both coastal and open sea sites.

M.Sc. in Chemical analysis – Quality control, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Athens, Greece. Title: “Development and validation of a method for the determination of biogenic amines in fish tissues by HPLC and tandem UV/Vis and fluorescence detectors after derivatization with pyrenesulfonyl chloride”.

B.Sc on Food technology, Technological Education Institute of Athens, Athens, Greece.
Telephone: (0030) 2291076366-361
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